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Nununu World Pillow Doll Boo

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Size | O/S

Color | Black


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Nununu World Pillow Doll Boo






  • Product Description

      A little ghostly being with a lot more to offer. this boo doll is your spooky cool companion to the park, to shriek angst that would make your parents mad, and to have a friend when no one else understands. comes in a black printed linen case.

      This doll is the outcome of a collaboration with artist miki ohana aka “wild tailor” whose art reflects innocence mixed with a sense of rebelliousness, very much like the nununu spirit and vibe. both miki and nununu convey in their message an unusual world of images that celebrate all that is different, unconventional and mainly not mainstream. this doll is the perfect representation of all that and is a voice to all that are different and like it!

      70% polyester, 25% nylon, 5% polyurethane filling: 100% polyurethane
      hand wash cold | do not tumble dry
      comes with a black printed linen case
      Style# NU2076 Black
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