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Woof by Betters Barrels Dog Car Seat Set (Ivory)



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Woof by Betters Barrels Dog Car Seat Set (Ivory)




  • Product Description

      - Vehicle headrest (neck support) is in the case of non-separated car headrest in circumference by more than 50 cm can be difficult to be mounted.
      - Kia Ray compact cars - has been tested in a variety of sizes up to 12-seater large car carnival. In some cases, it is recommended to check the product size before purchasing a car model with a narrower interior than Ray among light cars and small cars.
      - Let me just adjust to the basket and mat on the seat belt size fixed not to be moved when the product moving vehicle.

      Outer poly 100%, cotton poly 100%
      - Please laid dry in the shade after each hand wash with mild detergent in cold water to remove the outer and cotton.
      - Do not twist or squeeze dry with machines.
      - Do not use chlorine bleach.
      - Note the color change to direct sunlight and heat.


      Size 59(W)x45(D)x33(H)cm

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