Baby Bump™

BABY BUMP™ IS "THE NEW ROCKING CHAIR." Life as a new parent has its ups and downs, but don't fret - so do we! Baby Bump™ has a leg up on the traditional yoga and fitness balls - 6 legs to be precise. Baby Bump's unique peg-legged design keeps the ball stable and stationary and will be a helpful tool/toy for every stage of your infants growth from pregnancy to parenthood. Baby Bump™ enhances pregnant mother's posture, fitness and comfort. Gently bounce your newborn on a Baby Bump™ to soothe when nothing else will do the trick. And as your baby grows older use a Baby Bump™ to provide new and exciting ways to learn and play. And of course, you can use your Baby BumpTM to stay in shape to keep up with your energetic toddlers.  And it makes a great desk chair!  If you are looking for a unique, practical and useful baby shower gift or a multi-faceted solution to many problems parents deal with, buy a Baby Bump today!