Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know the items you are selling are authentic and real?

At Crown Forever all of our Chrome Hearts items and other brands are sourced directly from authorized Chrome Hearts and Brand Retailers or Authorized Resellers.

Unlike other brands Chrome Hearts does not include price tags or certificates of authenticity after purchase. In most if not all cases, the price tags are removed during the check out and shipping process. The only form physical proof retained is the actual sales receipt, along with a proof of shipping directly from Chrome Hearts and or bank payment proof.

We offer the option for buyer obtain a copy of the original receipt and other forms of proof before shipment.  If not satisfied we can offer a full refund before shipment or after you receive the goods, if you are not satisfied with it, you may return the goods unworn/unused within 14 days (return shipping fee paid by the buyer) for a full refund minus the shipping cost and return shipping.

As a point of reference we've been only dealing with 100% Authentic Chrome Hearts goods for many years, therefore we have no experience in dealing with fake products below are some good 3rd party websites mentioning how to spot real chrome hearts items. We are not affiliated with these websites and cannot verify their claims we are using them as a point of reference for people wanting more informed decisions.

Lastly it is a federal crime under United States and International Law to sell fake counterfeit items, we encourage vigilant reporting of all people/businesses who are known to sell such items.

Below are 3rd websites non affiliated websites we found that may contain some useful information on spotting authentic chrome hearts goods:


2. Are your Chrome Hearts products used or consignment?

No, 100% of our products are brand new and in unused condition sourced directly from Chrome Hearts Stores and Authorized Resellers


3. What Does "Special Order"  Mean versus "In Stock"?

Due to the limited nature of brands such as Chrome Hearts, some of the items that were once in stock in our possession are sold out.  We do offer however the option to special ordering it directly from Chrome Hearts.  This option will automatically include a copy of the receipt of purchase from Chrome Hearts. So if you select the "Special Order (1-2 Weeks)" Option, it means we are ordering this item directly from Chrome Hearts and it will take up to 1-2weeks at the most before the item is shipped to you.


4. Do you offer refunds? 

We do on everything within 14 days of delivery with the tags and original packaging intact in unworn condition, with the exception of underwear, socks, hats and swimwear with the buyer paying the cost of return except special order items.  On special order items it is on a case by case basis.


5. Do you ship internationally and what is the time of transit?

We ship worldwide, it generally takes 1-4 business days max depending on your location. Our shipping location is Los Angeles California United States.


6. I don't know my sizing, can you please provide a reference?

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