Molo Kids Umeko Baby Soft Fleece Forest Romper

Designer: Molo Kids

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Umeko is a baby fleece romper in a rose colour with a camouflage print that looks like horses if you look closely. The romper has a zip closure, a hood and small sewn on ears. Molo's fleece rompers are warm and insulating. The fleece romper can be used alone or as an extra layer under a snowsuit on really cold days. Sizes 56-74 have feet while sizes 80-92 do not. This Molo product is 100% recycled and made from recycled polyester. The recycled polyester is made of used plastic bottles and other waste. The production of recycled polyester requires fewer resources and emits less CO2, making Molo’s fleece the sustainable choice.


100% Recycle Polyester

Wash and Care



5W22L302 6630

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